Hi friend! In case you stumbled upon this blog before I got the chance to introduce myself … I’m Megan! I’m WIFE to my handsome fireman/musician husband Nathan and MAMA to my smiley daughter Claire Abigail. My story begins way before these two blessings arrived and I’m sure that history will glitter the pages here and there, but for now, we’ll keep it at this:

I married my high school sweetheart whom I fell madly in love with during our long talks in the bed of his truck on my dad’s driveway when I was 17 years old. We dated for 3.5 years before saying “I Do” on a gorgeous summer afternoon in the middle of an orchard on July 14th, 2007. I sought him through the fire academy and probation and he sought me through nursing school … And I believe that if we can make it through all of that, we can make it through anything! He’s my biggest fan and I am his … and together we make the best team on this sweet journey!

5 years in on our marriage journey, we learned we were pregnant! You can read more about that here: Expecting Sweetness (atleast up until week 18 … after that I could hardly keep up with my growing belly so all blogging ceased until now!)

On August 24th, 2012 our precious baby girl made her perfect 7lb 2oz & 19.25″ grand entrance into our hearts and from that moment on we feel like life truly started! She’s God’s most precious gift to us and we are ecstatic for the shepherding responsibility God has entrusted us with! I am convinced, there is no greater LOVE or JOY than Mommyhood!

Ultimately, I meant to start this blog months ago, but a brand new life began the moment I became a MAMA and hasn’t slowed down yet! I deeply desire for my little one to know her history and my unstoppable love for her,  so instead of letting our joys exist only in the moment, here’s to sharing in them over and over again!

Hoping our joys bring sweetness to your life!


Claire's Newborn Photoshoot


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