This I Know For Sure…

Father’s Day was this past Sunday and I must boast …

Claire has the most INCREDIBLE Daddy EVER EVER EVER!!

Fathers Day Collage Nathan

  • He’s kind, gentle, sweet, silly, handsome, loving, talented, strong, handsome (repeated for emphasis), confident, humble, loyal and this list goes on and on!
  • He’s the best protector, provider, hard working fixer, humble Christ-follower, husband, leader, musician, fireman, friend, helper, vw bug driver, and motorcycle rider!
  • And also top notch baby food maker, diaper changer, routine keeper, story teller, book reader, silly sound maker, toy player, belly kiss blower, bottle feeder, music time player, pj dresser, bath time washer, tuck in to bed tucker (yes that’s a title) and of course THE WORLD’S BEST DADDY!! He does all of this and more for 12+ hrs straight while I’m at work … I hardly know another dad who can handle that!?!?

I’m one wonderfully blessed mama to have such an incredible dada to teach and raise our little baby girl with! And this I know for sure, watching you love our sweet girl so well, makes my heart melt daily and my love for you grow endless!

Father's Day

We’re celebrating you and thanking God for you! Happy Father’s Day! We love you!


Your Girls


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