What!?! 9 Months Old!?!

Yes, we are still alive! Yes, these last 3 weeks since our last little update, have been jam packed! And yes, it feels so good to say hello again and put some thoughts down on blog paper! Here’s what we’ve been up to …

Brace yourself for picture overload!

Our little Missy Boo Roo Roo turned 9 months old!!! Ahhh!! I can and can’t believe it! This little girl has grown so much right before our eyes … she’s doing the most adorable little army crawl, talking in her own little language, waving, clapping, panting like a Puppy on command, dancing and LOVES to eat eat eat! We’ve been working on finger foods just recently and a few times I’ve let her run loose with her entire pureed meal and spoon in hand and this is usually what happens:


She hardly gets more than a couple spoonfuls in her mouth, but at least it makes for some incredibly adorable photo-ops!

This is what happens when she’s declared her self finished and rubs her eyes with a fistful of banana … nap time!


So lets rewind just a little, prior to Claire officially being 9 months old, (as this post is intended for) and take a look at some oldies but goodies!


My Minnesota Grandma & Grandpa stayed a few days with us and along with my beautiful mama, we took the opportunity to capture a 4 generation picture. A picture we’ll always cherish!


Claire loves her Great Grandma and Grandpa … especially Great Grandpa’s glasses. Can’t wait for next time they’re here with us again!

A few days after Claire’s Dedication Day, we did a second dress-up in her dedication dress and snapped these beauties:


Claire’s dress was the same dress I was dedicated in 27 years ago. God’s faithfulness to our family is so good …a heritage that runs deep!


Oh her cubby cheeks are so scrumptious!!


Teaching her the importance of reading God’s Word from an early age!


We had this little white keepsake Bible engraved with her name


And this is mostly what she did with it … gives new meaning to our “daily bread” … chomp chomp quite literally!

Last week we spent the early afternoon poolside with our ABC Moms … wish I would have snapped more pictures! Seconds after this we spent most of our time herding the girls as they all headed in opposite directions!


And then here are some favorite snaps from the last couple weeks:

Daddy actually captured this one while I was at work! Nothing better than seeing this smile!


Memorial Day:


Panting like a Puppy:


Enjoying the summer afternoon:



Pretty blue peepers!



Her thighs!!!

Now hold on to your seat for the most adorable 9-month photo shoot possible:

IMG_4917 IMG_4881 IMG_4876 IMG_4865 IMG_4862 IMG_4967 IMG_4936

And the best for last … 1 to 9IMG_1272


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