Letters to Claire

Something I’ve always desired to do, and with this little family blog of ours, I hope to actually do, is write sweet letters to my baby girl as she grows up. Nathan has been ravaging through our attic storage over the last month and came across a little love letter I snail mailed to him during my time at Biola … it was so wonderful to reminisce about our beginnings and to marvel at how long, far, and wide our relationship and love has grown over these last 9 years together (3 dating and almost 6 married!!!). I LOVED that little letter I wrote him so long ago, that it tugged on my heart strings to finally get to writing my first Claire Bear letter. So here it goes …

Missy Boo Claire,

I love how your nickname sounds like a French expression, especially when you say it quick and with a very French-y accent. Your name captured my heart the moment I dreamed of having a daughter (which was about the time your Daddy and I got married) and from then on, I always knew my first baby girl would be: Claire. I love the elegance, purity, class and just how simply feminine your name is … fits you absolutely beautifully with room to grow! Sweet girl, you’re name means “clear and bright” but I hardly picked your name for its meaning, but rather the feeling it evoked every time I spoke it in practice for your arrival: beauty, purity, grace … attributes set in your HEART that I pray you will always believe. You’re Heavenly Father has placed grand purpose in your little HEART … purpose that will guide you, teach you, stretch you, grow you, transform you and confirm to you, that we are unstoppably crazy-in-love with you and God is even more so! We are so in love, that it’s challenging to recount the days before you were here with us … as in a new and more radiant life began the moment you were born! And as one of our favorite books describes,

“On the night you were born,
the moon shone with such wonder
that the stars peeked in to see you
and the night wind whispered,
‘Life will never be the same.’

Because there had never been anyone like you… ever in the world.”

And that is simply truth baby girl … you are the one and only you … and because of the wondrous gift God gave us, our lives will never be the same.

And what’s just as sweet … you’re Daddy picked your middle name: Abigail. It’s meaning is beyond perfect for you …  it’s a biblical name, meaning “Your Father’s delight.” Exactly what you are as you have brought the essence of delight to our lives, especially to your Daddy. You see, there’s this verse in the Bible that says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Ps. 37:4). I think now more than ever, we can honestly understand just what the word DELIGHT fully means and how it feels. Claire, as we daily take delight in you in so many ways, ultimately it parallels the delight we have in the Lord … especially over the desires of our heart that He has given us! He is SO GOOD! And I pray you will know and thank Him for His GOODNESS!

Just a few delights:

Your endless smiles, especially as you bounce and jump and kick your legs every chance you get

How you’ve just begun to copy the things we do: clapping, waving, cheering, and sharing kisses

toys all around

How proud you are of yourself after tossing out all your toys from your toy tote

You’re cheeky dimples and round little belly

How you love to roll onto your tummy, but just for the single purpose of grabbing a toy

Music … how you LOVE to hear and watch and play music

(please excuse the bald spot and empty picture frames in the video … haha we’re working on both those things)

How we ask you to say Ma Ma and you reply … Da Da (little stinker … I think you’re holding that one till Mother’s Day!)

I love to watch you play and I love spending time together, the 3 of us (well 4, including Jakee), and doing nothing but simply marveling over you. You’re absolutely exquisite and we love you so incredibly much!

It’s almost unbelievable that you’re 8 months old now … except that this process of Motherhood has definitely been that … a process … a beautiful blood, sweat, tears & joy, love, & gratitude kind of process. It’s been an unforgettable process as it has helped sanctify my heart in the biggest way: SACRIFICE. Laying my needs, wants & desires down … for your needs, wants & desires … which there’s nothing I’d rather do more and more of! And to think that’s what Jesus did for us … oh, how He loves us!

Love you always,


Happy 8 months to our Missy Boo Claire!

8 Months


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