What about BOB?

Don’t you just LOVE that movie?!? I remember laughing hysterically as a kid alongside my Dad as we watched “Bob” make a menace out of himself and his egotistical psychiatrist. His mannerisms and ridiculousness! His germ-phobia and OCD-ness! I understand ya Bob, after working in a hospital, I can never wash my hands enough either! 🙂 That 1990’s flick holds a special place in my heart!

Whelp, moving on now … this past Thursday, we had the most adventurous mommy-baby outing so far! Along with my beloved mommy group, we hit the Santa Monica Mountains to put our BOB strollers to the test! It was an absolutely GORGEOUS 75 degree day … sun was shining, breeze was breezing, flowers were blooming, lizards were crawling  … seriously, there were a bajillion lizards! But I love them and they remind me of the many lizards my lil brothers caught and tried to gross me out with.

The girls did so well either napping or enjoying the scenery and they were always well shaded by the BOB full coverage canopy (love it)! The up and down hills offered some great exercise and after a hour into our hike we turned around and enjoyed the scenery for a second look. It’s days like these and the hundreds of other days out of the year like these that I appreciate the beauty of So Cal.

malibu creek hike

Now, when I originally purchased our BOB Revolution (CE) stroller a few months prior to Claire’s grand entrance into this world, I had no clue what I would need/love/want out of a stroller, so, after this stroller came highly recommended from a few mommy friends of mine, I figured it would make a great everyday/use everywhere type of stroller. Well, one day-trip running errands around town later and I had a very sore back. I unfortunately learned the hard way that this ain’t your lightweight, fit through little aisles, turn tightly around corners type of stroller. Although this was a costly bummer to come to terms with (in which case I’m STILL on the everyday-use stroller hunt … but it’s between the City Mini or BOB Motion), I definitely don’t consider it a mistake because I LOVE my BOB for all the reasons it was designed for: hiking, trail-walking, sand cruising, grass stomping … basically for every situation where you’re going over some sort of terrain that’s bumpier, tougher and rougher than the sidewalk or mall concrete. This stroller is also technically a jogging stroller, but because my knees are all chewed up from years of soccer … you won’t ever catch me jogging with this thing, but friends of mine absolutely LOVE their BOBs especially for running! Having a good stroller for the babe where together you can get out into the fresh air & green grass definitely makes loosing pregnancy pounds and exercise more enjoyable! We use our BOB almost everyday to enjoy walks around our neighborhood park. It’s a stroller I highly recommend for it’s intended purpose!

Other happenings for the week include:

photo-43 babinators

BOB stroller rides with our stylish aviators (babyators for Claire) 🙂 Claire’s cheeks are so cubby, the sunglasses can’t rest on the bridge of her nose! haha So in LOVE and PROUD of this chunky girl … that’s a well breastfed baby! 🙂

Visiting Daddy

We visited Daddy at his station. We miss him lots when he’s gone for 24 hours at a time (at the very least) … so we visit often. He loves seeing his girls and we love seeing him in uniform. HOTT!

Gallery Wall Shelves Gallery Wall Shelves Complete

Nathan built me some gorgeous gallery wall shelves! So blessed to have a man that can do it all! Can’t wait fill them with LOADS and LOADS of pictures! I just imagine Claire’s little paintings and drawings making their debut on these shelves in the future. We followed these diy steps: Ana White: Ten Dollar Ledge

brainiac cupcake

My cousin graduated from Pepperdine University with her degree in Psychology … she’s off to grad school to earn her doctorate in some incredibly brainiac focused major. Made these brainy cupcakes in her honor for her big grad party!

Happy Go Lucky Girl Happy Go Lucky Girl

And here’s our happy smiley girl! We’re going to have her dedicated at our new church on Mother’s Day! Yay!! Can’t think of a better day to dedicate our sweet gift from the Lord right back to Him! This week she started clapping and giving open mouth kisses. Oh so scrumptious! And I don’t even care if they’re wet slobbery kisses … even better that way! That of course is Mother’s Love!! Enjoy this little video footage of her newest trick:

Happy weekend everyone!


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