Our Week Run Down

Well I’m a little behind already … life is always so full (refusing to use the word “busy” … it always sounds like an excuse instead of a reason), so here’s just a little glimpse into what we’ve been up to.

PLAYDATES! Claire has the most adorable little girlfriends! All 4 of them are practically the same age (born only 2 weeks apart from each other). I know … I’m serious … it’s just too much cuteness ALL THE TIME! The girls love to watch and listen to each other, screech/scream/practice their da-da’s, take the other’s toy, flap their arms in excitement, and roll all about [or crawl if you’re Brooklyn or Avery]. Last week, we enjoyed lunch and a stroll through the park in our neighborhood. While the weather is still chilly in most parts of the country, here in sunny So Cal, we’ve hit 70 & 80 degrees most days in April … so we lathered the girls in sunscreen and took full advantage!

park playdate

It’s been such a blessing having these moms to walk with through this brand new life of mommyhood! We talk n.o.n-s.t.o.p. each time we’re together, which is about every other week. Between our get togethers, I’ll often stumble upon 30+ unread group text messages between these beautiful ladies! Just love them so much! We chat about EVERYTHING from strollers to diapering to teething to rashes to solids to fashion to beauty to keeping our sanity to maintaining healthy marriages to showering with a new baby in the house who won’t let you put them down for a single second and more! These are things only new moms can relate to and I know my husband is so very grateful I have each of these mommy-friends to call anytime, which definitely gives him a break!

Movie Date

Aren’t we cute mamas? Of course anytime we go anywhere we soak up all the attention we can get toting around the cutest baby girls in the ENTIRE world! A couple weeks ago we enjoyed GMC’s BYOB (bring your own baby) to the movies day! Horrible movie … don’t even remember the name … but of course a FUN and LOUD time together!

Reading with Mimi

Claire’s lovely and courageous Mimi (my step mom Deb) stopped in to visit for a couple days. She’s one of the most courageous women I know for so many brave reasons that I hope she’ll let me share someday. 🙂 Mimi is one of those moms who pours everything she has … her heart and soul … into her kid’s lives … teaching them so much … letting them truly learn about this incredible world God has created by experiencing it hands first. Bubbles, mud, paint, glitter, glue, crayons, books … This is the type of teaching & learning I’m ECSTATIC to dive into with Claire. And I’m so thankful to have Deb to glean all her insight and inspiration! Here’s the three of them … Mimi, Claire, and book … enjoying each other’s company. Claire is becoming quite the little reader! Her favorite part … turning the pages!

Sweet Potatoes 2 Sweet Potatoes gone

We are moving on up in the world of taste! Within the last week, Claire has done a complete 180 in regards solids … she’ll now eat just about ANYTHING you give her on a spoon! Ready to hear what she loves now!?! AVOCADO, CARROTS, PEAS, SWEET POTATOES, ZUCCHINI & BANANA!! That’s right 6 different foods! It’s like it finally clicked, that food is GOOD and TASTY! I’ve made all her food so far in our handy dandy Baby Bullet blender. I love this little thing so much as it serves it purpose well and I use it just about everyday. Now, we’re an avid VitaMix family and this little blender couldn’t pulverize a frozen strawberry to save it’s life, but give it some nicely steamed organic carrots and a little bit of filtered water and you’ve got yourself the freshest most nutritious blended baby puree! I love how it’s easy to clean (although I’ve heard dried foods can stick and live under the blade since it doesn’t separate from the base … but thankfully we haven’t had this issue) and I love how it’s portion sensitive. I could use the VitaMix, but I’d have to make a ginormous batch of baby food for it to be worth trying to spoon any amount of puree out of it. And I like making Claire a fresh batch of puree that’ll last us at least a couple days … and the Baby Bullet is definitely big enough for that. Now that she loves eating and also in part to her waking up WAY toooooooo early (think 4:45AM) for a couple mornings in a row, Claire is now eating twice a day: in the later morning and early evening before bed. Since starting these new feast activities, she’s THANKFULLY back to her normal nighttime sleep!

Enjoy some carrot chomping video footage! 🙂

thumb sucking

Here’s my sweet girl snoozing away thumb-sucking and all. She’s just so adorable and I miss her so much when she’s sleeping, I can’t help myself from sneaking into her sleepy room and kissing her soft chubby cheeks and snapping a few quick shots. And about the thumb sucking … I’m all for it … if and when she’s 3+ and still thumb sucking, we’ll cross that bridge of habit breaking then. But for now, why in the world would I try stopping her from a developmentally appropriate self-soothing technique? Why in the world must we feel the need to take away what’s most comforting? No way, no how, not in this home!

Lastly, this FINALLY happened!!

She’s known how to roll over for months … from back to tummy, but I think this girl is too smart for her own good. Once she realized she’d end up on her tummy (which she severely dislikes) when she rolled over, she all together decided against it and dropped this little activity real quick! In fact, she would protest against it by arching her back the opposite direction when you tried giving her a little push in the rolling over direction. But FINALLY just this week she’s learned that she can get back on her back! And you’ll notice, she doesn’t spend very long on her tummy … 0.0005 seconds to be exact … tummy rolling is strictly just to get a specific toy and then she’s quick to roll back over.


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