More Carrots Please

Well I think this runny nose cold is officially on it’s way out! So thankful for God’s goodness to us, that this 1st was seriously no big deal, because unfortunately, I see too often really big deals when it comes to children and illness. Speaking of my new job … I’M ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT! I know I’m only 3 days in and definitely still in the honeymoon phase, but seriously this job is such a blessing in so many different ways! For instance, yesterday, I helped welcome 3 precious little ones into the world! Such a beautiful MIRACLE to witness and WOW … who knew catching babies could be so fun!?! That’s definitely something I didn’t get to do a lot of at my old job and I’m thrilled to experience this aspect at my new hospital! The NICU team is asked to assist when there’s concern for the baby because the little one has been showing signs of distress during the labor process. This brings a whole new level of autonomy in my practice as a nurse and is one I will gladly take, as it grows and stretches and teaches me tons! My absolute high from yesterday was going over newborn care with a brand-spanking-new-dad! Joy, excitement, giddiness, wonder, amazement, hope … all feelings this new dad was experiencing … and all feelings that are still so familiar to Nathan and I just being 7 months ahead of this new dad’s journey! To foster his excitement and be so very excited right there with him, is just a tiny example of why I love being a nurse and my new job so much!! I’m so very privileged to share in these moments with these families!

We’ve had a fun last few days! Claire tried carrots for the very first time and guess what!?! … SHE LOVES THEM!! Yippeee for adding a second lovable flavor to her food repertoire, which now consists of only avocado and carrots! Things are a little slow in this area, but we’re in no rush! 🙂

Carrots 2Carrots 1

We also tried a new activity with much success! WATER PLAY!! She loved being a diaper-only diva and splashing and feeling the water pour down into the basin with the spout cup … and of course sucking on her little watermelon washcloth and bath toys! So many giggles and smiles and surprisingly, she played for over 20 minutes straight!! Splashing and giggling and such excitement must have worn her out though because right after this I nursed her and she decided to go straight down for a nap around 5:30pm and then she NEVER woke up until 6:00AM the next morning!!! I tried 3 separate times to wake this girl up but she would not budge!! She would stir, give me this glassed over look like “WHAT ARE YOU WAKING ME UP FOR MOM!?!” and then nod off back to sleep a second later! Geesh, when this girl decides to sleep, ain’t no one gonna stop her!

Here she is splashing around before becoming a sleeping zombie!


Well, while she napped/slept ALL night, I FINALLY filled out the application to receive her birth certificate. All this time, I’ve been waiting for them (whoever them is) to send it to us and never knew we actually had to apply for it!! I’m not taking all the fault for this though … just before we left the hospital when Claire was born, some hospital person told us we’d receive it in the mail … so I just thought it would show up someday like her social security card did. Welp, 7 months of waiting and no birth certificate ever came! Did you know you also have to have your application notarized!?! … what a hassle! But, once it’s all said and done, it’ll be worth having those 3 copies in our hands! Next up … applying for her passport because we’re taking a big family vay-cay next year to our favorite get-away … CABO SAN LUCAS!!


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