March Recap

It’s April already and spring is here!! Spring! Such a happy word! 🙂 In my book, the first day of spring arrives when I can smell my all-time-favorite-scent in the entire-world … ORANGE BLOSSOMS!! Our neighbor has the biggest orange tree in their backyard, which unfortunately for us, sits just far enough away from our shared wall so it doesn’t drop its juicy fruits over (bummer), BUT it does sit close enough so that the most GLORIOUSLY sweet scent can be sniffed with a breeze. Have you ever smelled orange blossoms? Even if you have allergies, go stick your nose in an orange tree right now! The scent is worth it!

Just wanted to share with you the goodness of our March happenings! So here we go, in picture order!

March 2013 Collage1

After much debate, I decided to quit my much enjoyed job in UCLA’s NICU and to accept Simi Hopsital’s offer to work in their NICU. This was probably one of the hardest decision I’ve ever made, but in the end, I believe the decision to be much closer to home will be better for our family. It was very bittersweet to say farewell to my beloved UCLA co-workers after 3 1/2 years together. It’s official … I’m a Simi Hospital staffer!

Claire had the BIGGEST EXPLOSION ever!! I think we’re moving on up to Size 4 diapers (Honest Brand)!! Happy for Claire, the explosion led to her favorite activity … BATH TIME! Her smile … such a LOVE!!

I spent an afternoon switching over all her headband-bows into clips! Found a great deal on Etsy for 30+ partially lined grosgrain no-slip grip alligator clips that I hot glued her flowers and bows to! Cut my time in half as I couldn’t imagine having to make all those clips, let alone having the time to do that! Problem is, this isn’t even HALF of her flower/bow collection! My name is Megan and I have a bow addiction. At least I’m honest!

Claire’s thrush / my thrush is back. Urrrr!!!! More on our thrush battle later. So for now, this will be our current regimen since we’re not going on any more meds: Klaire labs probiotic for her twice a day; 11-strain probiotic for me, Coconut Oil (topical tx for me), Syntol and Colostrum supplements for me.

Claire’s taking a sippy cup with a straw now! She loves sucking on the straw I always have in my mason jar, so we went out and bought her her own. L.O.V.E. is an understatement … she’s OBSESSED and WILL NOT STOP until I have to take it away from her in fear that she might over-hydrate!

Meet Pebbles … the cutest little Pebbles you ever did see! Such a sweet little sprout!

Enjoying some Papa John time!

My beautiful preggo Biola roomie came for a visit!! YIPPEEE!!! Her little bun in the oven is due July 16th! Cannot wait for her and her hubby to become parents! They’re having a BOY!!

Daddy turned 34 years old! What a provider … working hard on his birthday! Of course he missed his girls so we brought the party to the firehouse … including a peach cobbler and a pretty little daughter with her party bow on! Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you so much!!

We spent the afternoon at the Glendale Galleria with Uncle Robbie. A much needed visit to catch up and hear all about God’s doings in Robbie’s life! Look at Claire giving a thumbs up for an AWESOME time spent with Uncle!

Beach day with Auntie Lindsay, Brielle and Uncle Brent too. It was cloudy but fun! Grandma Sandi came too!

Love spending time with the ABC girls! That’s Carly on the left (her and Claire are 8 days apart) and Brooklyn on the right (her and Claire are 2 weeks apart). It’s so fun to see these girls in action and to see a preview of the next stage! Little Brooklyn is already crawling! I’m so blessed by each of the moms … what a sanity saver it is to bounce all of our questions, thoughts, concerns, and learnings off each other! (Yes, Claire is throwing a fit here … poor thing was exhausted since she skipped her nap)!

And we’re back to the avocado. After trying sweet potato, peas, & zucchini and the spoon meeting vault-sealed gums for just about 2 weeks straight, we went back to avocado and she couldn’t get enough! I’m proud to say, she’s just like her mama … an AVOCADO LOVER!

Beach day with mama and dada. These are pictures of her very first time to the beach! It was chilly outside, but so beautiful to watch the waves crashing and the sun setting. I’m sure the first time we actually set her in the sand, she’ll have a fist full of sand in her mouth in no time!

Daddy worked on Easter (and Mommy worked the night before), so after some sleep, we went to Daddy’s station for a delicious dinner and an Easter Egg hunt. Claire did so well reaching and picking up the eggs all on her own!

Happy March!!


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